We work closely with our clients to ensure they get the best possible results. We can tune the performance and accuracy of an existing system or develop new software components to fit your requirements exactly. We are happy to work as part of your team or to manage the project ourselves using Agile principles.

We work with clients in many sectors, including biotechnology, e-commerce, government, intranet search, legal, media monitoring, news and media and recruitment.

Find out more about our client projects in our case studies, or read some testimonials.

Latest Case Study

Asking the right questions in a Search Audit

We’re often asked to review how our clients use search technology, both open and closed source (although we specialise in the former, we’ve also encountered most of the commercial search engines over the last 16 years). One common mistake is to assume that search is purely a technical problem, and that all issues can be resolved by writing software and changing configurations, or worse by throwing away the old engine and replacing it with a new one at huge expense. More

Latest White Paper

Whitepaper – Why you should be considering open source search

I’ve uploaded a whitepaper I wrote a short while ago : “In these rapidly changing times we don’t know what we will need to search tomorrow – so it’s important to be adaptable, flexible and able to cope with data … More