Founded in 1880, Gorkana is the UK’s leading media monitoring company with over 6000 clients from every sector of the economy. The company monitors 10,000 UK sources continously (plus sources from over 100 other countries) and scans over 1.5 million news pages a month.

“We considered several leading commercial vendors of search software, but eventually decided that Flax’s open source solution was the most appropriate in terms of performance, flexibility and cost. The Flax team’s experience in developing custom search applications was also an important factor, as we knew this project would present unique challenges in terms of scaling and accuracy.”

Stephen Wicks, CTO

The Flax media monitoring solution matched and enhanced the features of an existing closed source search product and led to a 85% reduction in the hardware required. The new system is highly scalable and in some cases has reduced ‘false positives’ from 95% to only 5%. Read more in a detailed case study (PDF).