Flax is highly active in the open source search community, running and presenting at events, contributing to open source projects and publishing our own software as open source.

Meetups and Conferences

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We run both the Cambridge Enterprise Search Meetup and the London Lucene/Solr Usergroup Meetup, regular informal events where you can meet us and others to network, share expertise and experiences and hear from presenters on many aspects of search. Both groups are free to join. We’re also regular visitors to and occasional speakers at the London Elasticsearch Usergroup Meetup. You can read our reviews of the Meetups we attend.

We also help to run various search conferences including Enterprise Search Europe (which Flax’s Charlie Hull keynoted in 2015) and attend, speak at and review events across the world.

Our software

Our Github account holds the software we publish as open source including the Clade taxonomy/classification system, the Luwak stored search system, the BioSolr project, and patches and plugins for search engines including Apache Lucene/Solr and Elasticsearch. We welcome pull requests and contributions! Alan Woodward of Flax is also a committer to Apache Lucene/Solr and a member of the Lucene Project Management Committee.