Big Data Consulting

We’ve been working with Big Data for many years – let us help you capture, store, index, search and visualise it!

Flax provide Big Data consulting services; we can design, architect and create Big Data platforms and help you deal with the challenges of large scale, for example tuning indexing performance, automatic deployment across cloud hosting and implementing powerful and intuitive user interfaces. In one recent case we helped a client index 73 terabytes of data in only 17 hours where it previously took a whole month.

Search engine developers are very familiar with the challenges of storing, indexing and analysing data at huge volumes. Using open source software such as Logstash, Apache Kafka and Apache Hadoop it is now possible to acquire, store and process billions of items of data, which can then be indexed by Apache Lucene/Solr or Elasticsearch.

Visualisation systems such as Kibana can then be used to display and explore this data and show distributions and changes over time. Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana are commonly referred to as the ELK Stack although it is also possible to combine Solr with Logstash and Kibana.

Contact us to discuss your project with no obligation – we’re always happy to chat about data!