Networking in a great city for enterprise search

Cambridge, U.K. has a long history of hosting search experts and businesses. Back in the 1980s two firms arose – Cambridge CD Publishing, founded by Martin Porter and John Snyder grew into Muscat, and Cambridge Neurodynamics became Autonomy. We believe Smartlogic still have a small office here. Stephen Robertson, co-author of the probabilistic theory of information retrieval (which Xapian uses for ranking) is based here at Microsoft Research.

Today, the city is still home to innovative search companies, including True Knowledge, Grapeshot and of course ourselves. We know of many more ‘under the radar’ developing search technologies both to complement existing systems and as completely new approaches to information retrieval, including visual search.

To encourage networking and to help keep the city at the forefront of search developments, we’ve created the Enterprise Search Cambridge Meetup group and our first meeting is on February 16th – all are welcome, whether currently working with search and related technologies or simply interested in the possibilities. Hope to meet you there!

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