Three weeks of search events this October from Flax

Flax has always been very active at conferences and events – we enjoy meeting people to talk about search! With much of our consultancy work being carried out remotely these days, attending events is a great way to catch up in person with our clients, colleagues and peers and to learn from others about what works (and what doesn’t) when building cutting-edge search solutions. I’m thus very glad to announce that we’re running three search events this coming October.

Earlier in the year I attended Haystack in Charlottesville, one of my favourite search conferences ever – and almost immediately began to think about whether we could run a similar event here in Europe. Although we’ve only had a few months I’m very happy to say we’ve managed to pull together a high-quality programme of talks for our first Haystack Europe event, to be held in London on October 2nd. The event is focused on search relevance from both a business and a technical perspective and we have speakers from global retailers and by specialist consultants and authors. Tickets are already selling well and we have limited space, so I would encourage you to register as soon as you can (Haystack USA sold out even after the capacity was increased). We’re running the event in partnership with Open Source Connections.

The next week we’re running a Lucene Hackday on October 9th as part of our London Lucene/Solr Meetup programme. Building on previous successful events, this is a day of hacking on the Apache Lucene search engine and associated software such as Apache Solr and Elasticsearch. You can read up on what we achieved at our last event a couple of years ago – again, space is limited, so sign up soon to this free event (huge thanks to Mimecast for providing the venue and to Elastic for sponsoring drinks and food for an evening get-together afterwards). Bring a laptop and your ideas (and do comment on the event page if you have any suggestions for what we should work on).

We’ll be flying to Montreal soon afterwards to attend the Activate conference (run by our partners Lucidworks) and while we’re there we’ll host another free Lucene Hackday on October 15th. Again, this would not be possible without sponsorship and so thanks must go to Netgovern, SearchStax and One More Cloud. Remember to tell us your ideas in the comments.

So that’s three weeks of excellent search events – see you there!

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