Lists of search tools and components

Some more resources for those looking for open source search components: Search Components Online has some great lists, including an exhaustive list of filters based on an article by New Idea Engineering called Where Have All The Filters Gone? Filters in this case are defined as components that extract plain text and metadata from file formats, i.e. Adobe ...Continue reading

Open source data integration and file format translation

One of the challenges we often come up against is indexing data held in other proprietary or open source systems, such as databases or content management systems. Talend is an open source data integration platform that lets you connect to a huge variety of these systems, from Salesforce to Oracle to SugarCRM. Talend is an offshoot of the Continue reading

Not so FAST…

Microsoft have announced a roadmap for their enterprise search products: none of this is very surprising. How successful they'll be at integrating the FAST technology (which comes from a Linux background) with Sharepoint, .NET etc. remains to be seen. They've also released an 'Express' (i.e., free but feature limited) version of Microsoft Search Server...Continue reading